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Brian Simmons - Pulpit Minister

Brian is the Preaching Minister responsible for crafting and delivering each Sunday's sermon. In addition, he is one of Metro's Deacons, teaches Bible Classes, and makes an annual appearance as "Indiana Simmons" during Metro's Vacation Bible School. He and his family have been associated with Metro for over 23 years. They absolutely love Metro for many reasons, not the least of which is the love, unity and relentless ministries Metro offers. Brian also has a full-time job as a teacher at Oklahoma Christian University (in fact, he has been a college teacher for 29 years). In whatever spare time he has, Brian enjoys watching football on TV, as well as being an avid long distance runner. A few of his favorite things are: the Oakland Raiders, visiting Phoenix, Arizona, and frequent trips to Taco Bell. Oh, and he's written two books. One is called Falling Away: Why Christians Lose Their Faith and What Can Be Done About It, and the other book is, Wandering in the Wilderness: Changes and Challenges to Emerging Adults Christian Faith. Brian's sermons can be heard on our website here.

Rick Edgemon - Outreach/Involvement/Small Groups Minister

Rick has been a minister for over 40 years and has been with the Metro congregation since January, 2007. He and his wife, Ann, have previously served with congregations in Colorado, Arkansas, and California. He and Ann, have two grown children (Joshua and Mollie) and four grandchildren (Jeremiah, Samuel, Aubrey, and Daisy) who all live in the Portland, Oregon area. Rick's ministry includes arranging studies with those seeking to know more about God, helping members of the Metro congregation become involved in various ministries, and organizing the Open H.E.A.R.T.S. Small Group Ministry at Metro. Rick also serves in various ministries at Metro as a class teacher, participant in the yearly Vacation Bible School, Family Mission Trips, TLC (Together With Love in Christ) Committee Member, and others.

Greg Woods - Family Minister

Greg and his wife Dottie have ministered with the Metro congregation for over 33 years. Besides teaching Bible classes, Greg is very involved in various ministries including: Community Breakfast, Hispanic, Worship, Pastoral Care for families and individuals, as well as event development for community and congregational events. Greg also helps with various other programs such as Family Mission Trip, Wilderness Trek and Get Connected (a men's ministry).

Tony Hughes – Youth Minister

Tony and his wife, Beth, started working with the Metro family in July of 2013. Tony has a Bachelors of Biblical Studies degree from Sunset International Bible Institute. He has seven years of missionary experience in Mexico, Italy, France, and India while working with the Adventures In Missions program. Tony’s ministry at Metro involves teaching youth classes and young couples classes, hosting Bible studies with the teens and college students, and leading teen activities.

Tony has a passion to make disciples and rise them up to be the men and women God is wanting them to be. Tony also believes that there is no stop to Christian development. Growing in Christ is an everyday blessing we each get to experience.

Tony has two children, and loves being a father. When he is not busy playing with his kids. Tony enjoys sitting down and having a cup of coffe with his wife while talking about life and ministry. He enjoys spending time at the coffee shop reading, and listening to music. He also stays disciplined with going to the gym throughout the week. He says "I need my energy to keep up with being the man God has called me to be at home and at work."

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